(1873 - 1906)
"When shall I be free When "I" shall
cease to be"

"Deny little self:
Assert Real Self;
And you are liberated"

"Have more regard for TRUTH than any thing else. TRUTH belongs to none, everybody and everything belongs to IT "

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Swami Rama Tirtha (1873 – 1906) lived as TRUTH INCARNATE like Christ Adi Shankaracharya. He was ONE and non-dual with all those, who came in his contact. Now those who read him can roam with him in the Woods of God-Realization.

Rama was a true Vedantin and his Vedanta was no doxy, but pulsating, invigorating and inspiring living in Self, which is Realization, nothing but Realization of God-head.

In Nature Rama lived and flew like a free bird in dense forests, jumped from one snow-capped peak to another and lived in caves with fierce animals in the Himalayas in his Divine Joy, all bare footed and with no clothes on. That is his one-ness.

So much intoxicated in Divinity was Rama that he, without any penny with him and his body being his sole luggage, travelled far and wide in Japan, USA, Egypt and other countries. Name and fame had no meaning for him and he threw away all the boxes containing his lectures, his eulogies, praises, press-reports presented to him into the sea. He was God himself; then what more was needed!

Rama claims: Rama makes only Rama, nothing less, nothing more. When one Rama can do it, everybody and anybody can realize God-head. Pay the price and you are God.

This website is dedicated to disseminating Rama’s words through published books including “In Woods of God-Realization” to enable one to realize God-head.

Reading is becoming. Read his works and enjoy your roaming in the woods of God-Realization.

Om! Om! Om!

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