(1873 - 1906)
"When shall I be free When "I" shall
cease to be"

"Deny little self:
Assert Real Self;
And you are liberated"

"Have more regard for TRUTH than any thing else. TRUTH belongs to none, everybody and everything belongs to IT "

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In Wood of God-Relization

It contains 20 lectures of Rama, one of them was delivered in Japan and rest in America.

These include : Happiness within; Expansion of Self ; The Infinite in the Finite ; The Sun of Self on the Wall of Mind; The Real Self; Sin, Its Relation to ‘Atman’ ; Prognosis and Diagnosis of Sin ; The Secret of Success (as delivered in Japan) ; The secret of Success (as delivered in America) ; The Nature of Inspiration ; The Way to fulfillment of all Desires; The Spiritual Power That Wins ; Vedanta – The Rod of Moses ; The Law of Life Eternal ; Balanced Mind ; Out of Misery ‘ To God Within’; How To make Your Home Happy ‘ Married Life and Realization ; Utility of Married Life ; Vedantic idea About Eating meat.

It contains 37 lectures and talks of Rama. All these deal with the various aspects of Vedanta in an appealing and attractive manner, such as the Path of Truth ; The Spiritual Law of Character ; Kingdom of Heaven ; True Spirituality and Psychic Power ; The Sacred Syllable OM ; God Within ; The Way to Self-Realization ; Some Objections In the Way of Self-Realization ; I am All Light ; Be not Center– out ; Soham ; Aids to Realization ; Important Questions on Vedanta ; The Goal of Religion ; Is a Particular Society Needed ; The Brotherhood of Man ; The Spirit of Yajna ; Criticism and Universal Love ; Reincarnation an Family Ties ; and other short topics such as Civilization ; Property, Reformer, a few stories, such as love, Rest, Married Life, Snares of 99, Hoarding of Wealth, Querries about God, Never Be Disturbed ; Prayanama and Will Power.

Important topics regarding Vedantic conceptions have been delt with by Rama is this third volume and these include 26 chapters and also scattered letters of Rama.

Topics include Idealism and Realism Reconciled in the Light of Vedanta ; When Did The World Begin ; Man, Master of His Own Destiny ; After Death, All Religions Reconciled ‘ Vedanta and Hypnotism ; Vedanta and Socialism ; Class Lecturers on Vedanta ; The Present Needs of India ; National Dharma, The Problems of India ; The Future of India ; The Ancient Spirtualism of India ; The Civilized World’s Spiritual Debt of India ; An Appeal To Americans on Behalf of India ; Indian Charity, Indian Wifehood, Letters from Himalayas and other letters.

This volume contains 20 chapters including English version of ‘Upasana’, the only article available or Rama in Hindi which deals with various facets of Devotion and two articles of Rama about Mathematics which Rama wrote as a professor for the guidance of students.

Other topics are : Self – Help for Self – Realization ; Love For God ; Experiences in the Foreign countries ; Path of Progress ; Faith ; Cash Religion ; Free Will and Fate ; Akbar – Dili or Large – Heartedness ; Way to Reforms ‘ Practica Vedanta ; Rama’s Call ; Karma or Action. Brahmacharya or Celibracy and Rama’s Reply To a Few Questions.

This volume contains English Version of 12 articles, originally written by Rama in Urdu and published in the magine “ ALIF” before he took up Sannyasa. “ ALIF” magzine was brought out at the behest of Rama and shows the mature thinking about ‘ Salf – Realization’ by Rama.

The topics are : Reality of Religion ; Universal Unity ; Non – Duality ; Eternal Bliss ; Who is Alive ; Rama’s Thoughts ; Vedanta – A Way To Realization; Peace or War ; Freedom or Liberty ; Flashes from Himalayan Heights ; Wisdom Vs. Knowledge and Stamped Deed of Progress.

This volume contains lectures delivered by Rama at various places particularly in U.P. (India) The notes of these lectures were taken by the devotees of Rama on whose basis the shape of these lectures was structured. Special care has been taken to bring out the genesis of what Rama explained then.

Topics include Way To Peace ; Eternal life ; Aim of Life ; Mysteries of Krisha ‘Lila’ ; Rama on the Plains ; A Talk with a Devotee ; Sight – Seeing ; A Session with Muslim Representatives ; Casual Talk ; Sanatan Dharma ; and the Last Talk.

This volume contains unique collection of various Note – Books by Rama which were somehow procured and later on published.

These note – books are virtually a compendium of sayings, quotations and wonderful utterances dear to Rama. These naturally inspire, motivate and satisfy an inquisitive mind, labouring hard to grasp TRUTH and acquaint him what he is.

In this Volume only eleven note – books of Rama could be published. Two, as they say, were forfeited by the then British Rulers of India and were ruined.

Price of each volume is:
Inland: Rs. 500/-
Overseas: $10 (US)

Excluding all Postage and Delivery Charges

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