(1873 - 1906)
"When shall I be free When "I" shall
cease to be"

"Deny little self:
Assert Real Self;
And you are liberated"

"Have more regard for TRUTH than any thing else. TRUTH belongs to none, everybody and everything belongs to IT "

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The American Press observed :
“…… Out of the jungles of Upper India has come a man of astonishing wisdom, a prophet, philosopher, scientist and priest.
(San Francisco Press)
“ …… Swami Rama stands where Philosophy and practical science meet…..”
(Portland Press)
“….. At Denver, Swami Rama Tirtha announced in his lecture as “Every day is a New Year Day and every night a X-mas night.” It so startled the audience that there was long applause….”
(Denver Press)
“……. Swami Rama Tirtha, the eloquant and learned priest from India, has spoken with purpose and effect and drawn men out of littleness……”
(Oregonian Press)
“ ----- The President of United States on his way to the north stopped at Springs (Shastra) a while …….. met Swami Rama Tirtha and accepted most graciously, lovingly and cheerfully “The Appeal on behalf of India” ……
(May-20, 1903)


During his stay in Japan in 1902 for about a fortnight, his Divine, charming and magnatic personality impressed all those who came in his contact and listened to him.
Professor Takakutsu of the Tokio Imperial University says : I have met many Pundits and Philosophers and the home of Professor Max Muller in England and other Places. In him Vedanta and Buddhism meet. He is true religion. He is a true poet and philosopher.”

“….. At the Buddhist University, Tokio, Swami Rama Tirtha spoke shedding sparks of fire…….”
(Japanese Press)
“…….The Russian Ambasador in Japan, Impressed by the press – reports, was attracted towards Swami Rama…….”


On his way back to India, Swami Rama Tirtha had to stop in Cairo for a while, where he addressed the people from the pulpit of the famous mosque.

The paper” says :
“ …. Swami Rama Tirtha was given a worm welcome by the people here when when he delivered a lecture in Persian in the Mosque. Swami Rama is a great Hindu genius …….”


Swami Vivekanand

“…… Thirtha Rama (the previous name of Swami Rama Tirtha), you are to become a torch – bearer of ‘Advait Vedanta’ (Non-Dualism)….”

Mahatma Gandhi
(Father of Indian Nation)

“…. Swami Rama Tirtha was one of the greatest souls, not only of India, but of the whole world…….”

Madan Mohan Malviya
(Founder of Banaras Hindu University & Ex-President, All India Congress Committee)

“….. I have never come across a greater self – realized Mahatma (than Swami Rama Tirtha). His message will be a great boon for the coming generations…..”

Vinoba Bhave
(A great saint, social reformer & Gandhian Philosopher)

“…..Swami Rama Tirtha symbolized Indian spirit……”

Raman Maharshi

“ ….. Swami Rama Tirtha represented true Atman ……”

Swami Shivanand
(Founder of Divine Life Society)

“ ……. Swami Rama lived Practical Vedanta ….. He is Soul Incarnate ……”

Swami Chinmayanand
(Founder, Chinmay Mission)

“…… Swami Rama Tirtha has Imprints, all – embracing and all – pervading. To understand him is to live Vedanta…….”

Dr. Rajendra Prasad
(First President of Republic of India)

“ …. Swami Rama Tirtha was a great source of inspiration…..”

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
(Second President of Republic of India)

“…… Swami Rama Tirtha was a Vedantin of Shankaracharya order …… His pronounced Advait Vedanta (Non – Dualism) in his own fashion. His life and work will continue to guide the people……”

Lal Bahadur Shastri

“ ……. I got immense inspiration from Swami Rama Tirtha…. A Practical Vedantin, Swami Rama was also a great patriot who will continue to guide the Indian youths how to uplift Nation…..”

Mrs. Indira Gandhi
(Third Prime Minister of India & also Chairperson of Swami Rama Tirtha Birth Centenary Celebrations)

“….. Swami Rama Tirtha is one of the greatest saint-philosopher, India has produced. We are proud of him…… We should cherish his memory and try to live his Vedanta……..”

J.B. Kriplajni
(ex-President, All India Congress Committee)

“ …. A God – intoxicated soul, Swami Rama Tirtha realized the presence of God every where and in all mankind….. He moved with God and lived with God…..”

C.F. Andrews
(‘Desh-Bandhu’ as he was called in India.)

“….. Another persoality, in many ways far more attrative than that of Swami Vivekanand, carried the same movement.

Mohammad Iqbal

“ …… Rama is all sense and consciosness…..”


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