(1873 - 1906)
"When shall I be free When "I" shall
cease to be"

"Deny little self:
Assert Real Self;
And you are liberated"

"Have more regard for TRUTH than any thing else. TRUTH belongs to none, everybody and everything belongs to IT "

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This Swami Rama Tirtha Pratisthan, now at 9, Vishnupuri, Church Road, Aliganj, Lucknow - 226022 (INDIA), since its inception in 1923, has the sole privilege of publishing the unique, self-stirring and self – inspiring words of Swami Rama Tirtha as could be made available till – date.

The first small book of a few of the Rama’s speeches was published with the help of life – long savings of Master Amir Chand, a great martyr, who was hanged by the then British rulers.

Since then, the process of publication of these speeches ad works of Rama mainly during 1901 – 1906 had been going on and now have been compiled in seven volumes of “IN WOODS OF GOD REALIZATION” by the Pratisthan despite many stresses and strains.

Rama claims : Anybody who reads or hears all Rama’s speeches would get his doubts removed and is sure to come to the conviction of his own Divinity.

At the same time, Rama warns : Examine, scrutinlize and sift what he says. It these come true to your test, then only accept them otherwise throw them to dust-bin. You are under no obligation. Rama asserts : Have more regard for Truth, than any thing else.

The ‘ IN WOODS OF GOD – REALIZATION’ takes you direct face to face with God and you roam with HIM. Reading is understanding and understanding is believing ; believing is knowing is Becoming.

Rama lays no claim on any mission. All the missions are His. Why to add one more. Only realize Truth and that you are to do by yourself. Donot self yourself. Be Master !

OM ! OM! OM!

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