(1873 - 1906)
"When shall I be free When "I" shall
cease to be"

"Deny little self:
Assert Real Self;
And you are liberated"

"Have more regard for TRUTH than any thing else. TRUTH belongs to none, everybody and everything belongs to IT "

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  • The Story of Swami Rama by Sardar Puran Singh
    (It is a biography of Swami Rama and is counted as one in the outstanding biographies of the world. It unfolds the Vedantic temper of Rama how he built himself bit by bit to realize Divinity)

Books of old editions:

  • Heart of Rama
  • Poems of Rama
  • Practical Vedanta (By Dr. B.L. Areya)
  • Rama's Scattered Pearls (By Dr. D.R. Saini)
  • Swami Rama Tirtha - A Great mystic poet of India
  • Life Sketch of Swami Rama
  • Swami Narayan Life-Sketch
  • Adi Bhgwat Gita
  • Krishna Speaks for Himself

Under Preparation:

  • Life and Legacy of Swami Rama (By B.N. Sharga)
  • Parables of Rama
  • A Compendium From Rama's Thoughts
  • Philosophy of Rama Tirtha (By Dr. H. Maheshwari)

We have also published Rama's work and other allied books in Hindi.

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